Reason was formed in Gyöngyös at the feet of Mount Kékes in 1995. The band’s first demo from 1995 reflects the searching of our own path both musically and textually. When our first keyboard player joined the band in 1996, our music took a new, more mature direction.

Our next material, ’Moonlight’ was recorded the same year. It was received well in the notable magazines, like Metal Hammer. Then, the EP titled ’Broods’ came out in 2000.

The following year we recorded ’Captive of Dreams’, our new EP with three songs.

We have played at a great deal of Hungarian clubs in Budapest as well as in the countryside. We had the opportunity to perform at several Hungarian festivals too, e.g. Gothica Festival (Budapest), Rockmaraton Festival (Pécs, Dunaújváros), Fekete Zaj (2009-2020), Night of Doom (Debrecen) and Sea Of Sorrow (Budapest). In 2010 we had the privilege to play with one of our all-time favourites, the legendary Swedish band, Tiamat.

Our first studio album entitled ’Hacyon Days’ was finished in August 2010. It can be regarded as a sort of synthesis of the past years, an end of an era.

We are now looking forward to introducing our music to a wider audience within and outside Hungarian borders.

Our new album, "The Divine Rest" is out on 9th October, 2020.

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Gábor Dudás – vocals

Attila Horváth – lead guitars

Erik Vándor – guitars

József Kun – drums